Vehicle Restrictions

Most but not all vehicles can use a full-service car wash. If your vehicle has any of the following please do not use the car wash tunnel use our self-serve wash bays instead. Always check your vehicle for damage or loose parts before using a car wash. By entering the car wash you agree that Brad’s Car Wash is not responsible for any damage to your vehicle.

  1. No vehicles greater than 83” overall height
  2. No vehicles wider than 71” from inside driver’s side tire to outside passenger side tire
  3. No tires wider than 13.5”
  4. No trucks with tripod/extended mirrors
  5. No trucks with fuel tanks in bed
  6. Uncovered trucks beds must be empty and clean
  7. ALL bed covers must be closed before entering automatic carwash
  8. No trucks with dual rear tires
  9. No trucks with offset wheels extended out from wheel wells
  10. No Trucks or Vans with Ladder Racks
  11. No vehicles lower than 5” to the ground
  12. Any type of rack attached to the back of a vehicle in not allowed (ie. Bike Rack)
  13. Excessive muddy vehicles not allowed
  14. Trailer hitches must be removed prior to entering car wash
  15. Trucks with full width brush guards not allowed
  16. Full-size Hummers, Ford Raptor, Nissan NV, Sprinter, Large Vans not allowed
  17. Exotic sports cars, vintage cars or highly modified vehicles not allowed
  18. Vehicles with flaking rust or paint, loose or chipped paint or any existing damage are not allowed.
  19. Vehicles with loose parts, perforated body panels or ground effects packages are not allowed.
  20. No vehicles with cracked or damaged windows


We cannot be responsible for damage that may occur at Brad’s Car Wash and caution against going through wash with below items.

Vehicle Driver is responsible for any damage that may occur.


  1. Parts of the vehicle that are loose, rusted, cracked or previously damaged
  2. Previously chipped or cracked paint
  3. Non-factory parts or modifications
  4. Power antennas and permanently fixed antennas
  5. Spare tire covers
  6. Ski racks & Bike Racks
  7. The license plate housing on 2003 and 2004 Cadillac CTS models
  8. Dodge full-size truck antennas/fenders
  9. smart® car engine bay covers (hood)
  10. Vehicles 10 years or older
  11. Under body shrouds, covers, skidplates or spoilers
  12. Vehicle wraps, graphics or magnetic signs


If you are unsure if your vehicle is permitted to use the car wash, please ask Manager prior to entering the wash kiosk.