About Us

Brad’s Car Wash has a membership that’s perfect for you.

Whether you are someone who washes their vehicle once a month, every week, or more often, we offer membership benefits that make it easy and affordable to keep your vehicle looking great!

Once a week or once a day. Wash your vehicle as often as you want! The unlimited express or unlimited works express car wash membership is ideal for the frequent washer who insists their vehicle look phenomenal at all times. Membership entitles the registered vehicle to either one works or express wash per day. Membership ad washes are tracked by an RFID tag installed on the windshield of the registered vehicle. Membership charges are prepaid in advance and debited to your credit card on a monthly basis.

Even if you only use the unlimited membership to wash three times a month, the program saves you big money. With our express car wash options the program is easy, fast, and just what YOU want.

Why Visit Brad’s Car Wash?

  • Maintaining your vehicle finish can result in higher trade-in values.
  • Convenient hours
  • Free vacuums w/ car wash
  • Safe & gentle wash process
  • Safer for the environment than driveway washing
  • State of the art hi-tech computerized wash equipment

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